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Nanjing AVIS held fire safety knowledge training


On the afternoon of March 25th, Nanjing AVIS held fire safety knowledge training and invited Jiang Ming, a training center of Jiangsu Fire Protection Association, to give lectures. All departments of the company participated in the training session.

The training was based on the theme of “full participation, fire prevention”. After the training began, the instructor combined with recent fire cases, especially the case of vehicles and household appliances, on the principles of daily fire management and normal inspection. The basic common sense of evacuation, the emergency and prevention of fire and fire, and the correct use of fire-fighting equipment have been explained in a simple way. List a large number of examples and pictures of fire scenes, showing the serious harm of lack of fire awareness and fire protection knowledge. In combination with the actual situation, the fire characteristics, the basic knowledge of fire prevention, the basic laws of fire occurrence, etc. were explained, and the preventive measures and how to organize the fire escape from the fire field were taught.

Nanjing AVIS has always practiced the precautionary concept of “first safety, then production”. It arranges two trainings for fire safety for all employees every year, and implements fire prevention awareness into the hearts of every employee. Incorporate into the responsibility of each employee's work. Through this fire safety knowledge training, the company's employees' fire safety awareness and escape self-rescue ability have been further enhanced, and the self-defense and self-rescue capabilities of the company's various departments to prevent and dispose of fire accidents have been improved, and the company's safety production has been effectively fired. Safety work has laid a solid foundation.