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The HQ Organized the "Action Learning Brainstorm Workshop" Training


On March 25-26, 2017, the brainstorm training class organized by the HQ started in Nanjing. This training aimed to strengthen all levels of staff's systematic recognition of the company team, improve collaboration efficiency, and build a consolidated team to lay a good foundation for the company's development and expansion. President Chen attended the opening ceremony and addressed the attendees.

Brainstorming is a methodology that supports organizational change and problem-solving. It creates an atmosphere of borderless communication within the organization and maximizes the knowledge of the organization's members. In addition, it can improve efficiency and the quality of organizational decision-making under the impetus of "structured" and "compulsory" methods.

The "Action Learning Brainstorm Workshop" training class received a lot of attention from the HQ's leaders and great support from each department and employee of the HQ. The "Action Learning Brainstorm Workshop" training class successfully taught participants how to conduct results-oriented actions to identify and solve problems. It also taught participants how to maintain consistency with the general direction of the organization and unite around the company to work together to achieve the same dream.